&company (NSW)

&company is a broker of creative opportunities for Australian designers. For the past four years &company has produced events, exhibitions and pop-up-shops and is currently working to establish Sydney’s first public workshop for design entrepreneurs. To coincide with The Other Hemisphere, &company are launching their online store with their first collection, Simple Pleasures - a collection of tools that bring quiet satisfaction to everyday rituals.

Industrial designer Andrew Simpson of Vert Design introduces the Junk Press: enabling the simple satisfaction of taking wasteful junk-mail and converting it into beautiful bowls for picnics, kids lunch boxes, or cocktail parties. The Junk Press is a tool that allows you the freedom to create your own simple pleasures, rather than participate in disposable consumption. Jeweller and metal smith Alison Jackson invites you
to savour the pleasure of good cheese. Simplicity is driven by
the making process: the stainless steel Cheese Tools are hand formed with a series of folds from flat sheets to create restrained, minimalist, elegant forms. The folds intuitively direct the placement in the hand, making them effortless to use. Anna Lise De Lorenzo’s Good Wood # 2 / The Olive Tree is an exploration of the value of materials and time. After an old olive tree was felled in the yard of her rental, she claimed
a log that was destined for firewood. Armed with simple hand- tools, she’s collaborated with the cracked log to extend its life, by producing as many utensils as possible. Taking the simple pleasure of time to hand-carve wood, to create utensils for a lifetime of food enjoyment.


Cheese Knives Simple Pleasures