Groupwork (VIC)

Groupwork is a collaborative Melbourne design initiative – directed by designer Sarah Trotter, this exhibition comprises work by Sarah, visual artist Esther Stewart and graduate architect Murray Barker. Groupwork brings together talent from various disciplines to solve mundane and overlooked everyday design problems.

Inspired by the lack of flexibility in current bathroom fittings Groupwork set out to re-think and to simplify them - inventing a new system in the process. The collection was informed by the flexibility of 1920s rail fixture systems and creates an opportunity to use fine and recycled materials. It provides elegant cohesive fixtures that can have a specific relationship with the space they are intended for. This is achieved in a three-part set with objects of different uses depending on their orientation and combination; The block, the rail and the bracket. These replace multiple accessories for the bathroom; shelves, towel rails, toothbrush holders, toilet roll holders etc. Materials have all been re-claimed for this prototype, with brass salvaged from yards, timber from workshops and recycled Melbourne bluestone. All objects have been made in Melbourne within a 15km radius of where they were designed. Makers have been carefully matched with each piece, including the talented Wingnut & Co. for the timber pieces and prolific jeweller Anna Varendorff for the small shelving components of the block.

Simplify Bathroom Set Simplify Bathroom detail