Established in 2004, Goldsworthy is an Auckland based New Zealand Design company, exploring the beauty inherent in
 the basic functions of furniture and in the process of making. The Goldsworthy furniture collection celebrates materiality and machines, creating pieces with longevity of function and aesthetic. The intelligent use of elemental materials like steel and brass, aluminium and oak accented with colour, creates a versatile palette of textures.

The Pavilion project is a furniture-based collection that is intended to occupy space in a more confronting manner, and
to propose new ways of interacting with everyday objects. The objects are constructed using a single shape that is repeated in various configurations in order to build the objects. By using a single component that connects itself to the next, the formal nature of the pieces becomes less important and this single component dictates the size, shape and scale of the objects. Temptations to refine, add-on, or otherwise make fit for use are refused. Inspired in part by Louis Kahns ‘brick’ lecture at the University of Pennsylvania in 1971, the project is an attempt to simplify the established design process and the resultant objects, to be less in control by allowing a shape to decide what it wants to be. While the variations are hypothetically endless, three distinct objects are included in the exhibition; an arch, a mirror, and a container. These have been selected specifically to represent and to exploit the key characteristics of the shape.