Porcelain Bear (VIC)

Porcelain Bear are a small-scale studio located in Melbourne, producing highly finished porcelain functional ware, porcelain furniture and porcelain lighting. Some work is bespoke but the majority is production. Gregory Bonasera established Porcelain Bear in 2010. In the same year he was joined by industrial designer Anthony Raymond and the two now run Porcelain Bear from their busy studio in Collingwood’s architect, design and gallery precinct. While many ceramics practitioners currently exploit the
very hand-made, Porcelain Bear are proudly committed to their tech edge and high level of finish, durability and quality married seamlessly with a strong sense of history, humour and timeless style.

The original idea for the Pop inspired I-O-N pendant light evolved from childhood memories of ABC TV’s Playschool windows in which we were given the choice of seeing the world through a square, arched or round window. This is a memory that many Australians would easily relate to and augments the playful nature of I-O-N’s design. I-O-N forms a simple visual play within the space it occupies, its unadorned, minimal form in three geometric embodiments flaunts the users’ favourite light bulbs.


I-O-N's Design